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At Splash School, we believe that learning to swim should be fun and safe, so all of our instructors are Red Cross Lifeguard certified.


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Swim Lessons

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Beginner Course

Dive Right In

Beginning swimmers:

  • Have never had lessons or just a few

  • Are tentative around water or show no fear with no ability in the water 

  • Will put face in the water but not all the time

  • Use the bicycle kick


Intermediate Course

Hands-On Learning

Intermediate swimmers:

  • Have had some lessons

  • Can put their face in and blow bubbles continuously while swimming

  • Use flutter kick, not bicycle kick, and are learning the whip kick

  • Are working on rhythmic breathing

  • Are comfortable in the water on front and back


Advanced Course

Growing Together

Advanced swimmers

  • Know strokes but lack cleanness (splashy) while performing strokes

  • Are fairly smooth and horizontal in water

  • Practice will focus on technique and refinement of strokes

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